Child Support

San Fernando Valley Child Support and Family Law Attorneys

San Fernando Valley Child Support and Family Law Attorneys

Child Support is a mathematical formula based primarily on 2 important factors: 1) the relative incomes of the parties; and 2) the amount of time each parents spends with the child or children.

Child Support does take into account other mandatory add-ons: for example, if you pay for child care so you can work, a portion of that amount will be added to whatever base child support is ordered. If you incur medical expenses which are not covered by insurance (i.e., co-pays, etc.), you may ask for those costs to be split between the parents. If you incur travel expenses related to visitation, then those costs can also be considered by the court.

Child Support Modifications are necessary when one parent increases or decreases the amount of time he or she spends with the children, or when either parent’s income changes.  If you do not request a formal child support modification by the court, the amount of child support previously ordered will remain in effect until you do.

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